Imaginateur. DESIGNER.

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I widen the panorama of possibility to reveal new perspectives.


"Tricia has been working with my organization, MoRA, for more than four years now, and what I’ve found most remarkable is her dual braininess. When I need a left-brain thinking professional and problem-solver, she’s right there with me. But Tricia is also an artist, seeking the images and nuance and solutions that words and linear thinking sometimes just can’t reach.


She comes up with a dozen great ideas, faster than I can process them, and she knows how to implement every one of her ideas in the real world. Tricia is one of the most talented design professionals in Charlotte, and MoRA is by far the better for her ideas and art direction."

—Kathy Hill

     Chair, MoRA

"Whenever I've brought a project to Tricia, she has consistently made it 10x better than the original expectation.  I always appreciate her artistic brain, work ethic and wicked sense of humor."

—Todd Beveridge

     Video Producer, NCIS - Naval Criminal

      Investigative Service

"Tricia hears very well what others are saying, but more importantly, she hears what each person wishes to convey from the depths of the person's true heart. 


Somehow she seems to pick up or know more than we realize, as to what we truly wish to say to others and perhaps to even ourselves."

—Charla Bruce

     Artist & Certified Eidetic Imagery Practitioner


Proud Coach for the SEED20 Class of 2019 - a group of twenty nonprofits who are working to address challenges in our community.  Learn more about SEED20 here.


Congratulations to this year's winners: 

Foster Village Charlotte - Grand Prize;

Cops & Barbers INC - 2nd Place;

Para Guide Foundation - 3rd Place;

Brand the Moth - Coaches' Award

I'm passionate about working with business leaders, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs who are committed to the health and well being of their communities. 


People connect with me when they are embarking upon an exciting challenge, transitioning to new landscapes, or striving to reach ambitious goals. Through deep listening, I understand what clients are trying to accomplish, and then I widen the panorama of possibility to reveal new perspectives.

Common Reactions:  "We never thought of that," and  "I hadn't considered that as a possibility," followed by, "Show us how," and "Let's do it!"

I've consulted and designed solutions for projects like...

  • Launching a new business or political campaign

  • Doubling (or tripling!) fundraising goals

  • Engaging the community for public art projects

  • Expanding to offer new services

  • Re-imagining an existing brand, event, or program

...for clients in many industries: art, education, law, politics, real estate, retail, government, health & wellness, food, sports, and more.


Whether I join your adventure for a short mile or an epic 10,000 miles, I bring my imaginative, can-do spirit and a Mary Poppins-esque bag of tools and expertise:

  • graphic design: print and digital

  • mixed media art & painting

  • video production

  • marketing & communications strategy

  • copywriting

  • web design

  • technology

  • project management

  • social media

  • yoga & yoga therapy

  • eidetic image psychology

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