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Small Strokes


I'm passionate about working with business leaders, nonprofits, and social entrepreneurs who are committed to the health and well being of their communities. 


People connect with me when they are embarking upon an exciting challenge, transitioning to new landscapes, or aspiring to reach ambitious goals. Through deep listening, I understand what clients are trying to accomplish, and then I widen the panorama of possibility to reveal new perspectives.

"We never thought of that," and  "I hadn't considered that as a possibility," are followed by, "Show us how," and "Let's do it!"


I've consulted and designed solutions for projects like...

  • Engaging the community for public art projects

  • Launching a new business or political campaign

  • Promoting art events, markets, and projects

  • Doubling (or tripling!) fundraising goals

  • Expanding to offer new services

  • Re-imagining an existing brand, event, or program

...for clients in many industries: art, education, law, politics, real estate, retail, government, health & wellness, food, sports, and more.​

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Small Strokes

Whether I join your adventure for a short mile or an epic journey, I bring my imaginative, can-do spirit and a Mary Poppins-esque bag of tools and expertise:

  • strategic marketing & communications

  • graphic design: print & digital

  • project management

  • mixed media art & painting

  • relationship building

  • video editing

  • copywriting

  • web design

  • technology

  • social media

  • yoga & yoga therapy

  • eidetic image psychology

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