Tricia has been working with my organization, MoRA, for more than four years now, and what I’ve found most remarkable is her dual braininess. When I need a left-brain thinking professional and problem-solver, she’s right there with me. But Tricia is also an artist, seeking the images and nuance and solutions that words and linear thinking sometimes just can’t reach.


She comes up with a dozen great ideas, faster than I can process them, and she knows how to implement every one of her ideas in the real world. Tricia is one of the most talented design professionals in Charlotte, and MoRA is by far the better for her ideas and art direction.

Kathy Hill

Chair, MoRA -

Whenever I've brought a project to Tricia, she has taken it beyond expectation.  I always appreciate her artistic brain, work ethic and wicked sense of humor.

Todd Beveridge

Video Producer, NCIS

(Naval Criminal Investigative Service)

Tricia hears very well what others are saying, but more importantly, she hears what each person wishes to convey from the depths of the person's true heart.  


Somehow she seems to pick up or know more than we realize, as to what we truly wish to say to others and perhaps to even ourselves.

Charla Bruce

Artist and Certified Eidetic Imagery Practitioner


Through my career, I have worked on projects spanning the fields of education, art, community, health, real estate, sports, technology, retail, law, politics, government, and more.

Abbreviated list of past and present clients:

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